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Hakeem Steel Services Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars, (TMT Bars), are Extra High Strength Reinforcing bars which eliminate any form of cold twisting, the technology of yesteryears. In this process, the steel bars receive a short, intensive cooling as they pass through the specially resigned Thermex Water Cooling System after the last Rolling Mill Stand. The sudden drop in temperature converts the surface layer of the steel bar to a hardened structure. This phase of intensive cooling by the Thermex System is followed by further colling in atmosphere, so that the temperature between the core (which is steel hot) and the cooled surface layer is equalized, and the surface layer gets tempered by the heat from the core. The resulting structure is a tempered martensite zone at the periphery and a fine grain ferritepearlite structure in the central zone. Such a structure is the guarantee of a TMT bar and only the unique Thermex System ensure this in entire length of the bar.

TMT Bars We are engaged in supplying a quality ensured range of TMT Bar, which is procured from industry credible manufacturers. Clients can avail these round bars in different sizes, shapes and thickness. Known for high strength and robust construction, these TMT bars are widely used by our clients in