M.S.P Gold.....


Superior Quality:-MSP is a fully integrated steel manufacturer producing high grade TMT construction rods. MSP uses fully killed steel manufactured from virgin raw materials. The mill is technologically advanced and uses automatic rolling to ensure the quality. All raw material used is tested to ensure the high MSP quality standards.

Bendability, Weldability and Bonding

Due to low carbon and strict control over the highly advances Thermex TMT process MSP Gold TMT bars do not lose strength at weld joints. It is also flexible and gives high elongation. Due to the special design of the bars they provide excellent bonding between the bar and concrete for superior life.

Corrosion, Earthquake and Fire Resistance

Cold twisting leads to stress in the bars. Due to the special thermo mechanical treatment MSP Gold TMT bars are highly corrosion resistant and suited for coastal areas. High ductility and elongation make these bars earthquake resistant and suitable for use in seismic zones 4 & 5. Due to its surface layer it resist huge loads and can also withstand high temperatures of 500oC to 600oC ensuring safety.

Cost Saving

MSP Gold TMT bars give value for money, having excellent strength it saves steel upto 20% over normal cold twisted bars. It is technically superior and has high tensile strength.

International Standards

MSP Gold TMT bars are manufactured conforming to various international standard viz. IS : 1786 Grade Fe 415/ Fe500/ of BIS, ASTM A615 Grade 60 of USA, BST 500 of DIN 488 of Germany, BS 444 Grade 460 of Great Britain, among others..