STRUCTURAL STEEL PROFILE Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. manufactures structural steel under franchisee arrangement The company has begun the production of a multitude of special contours such as angles, channels, beams and flats The product has high strength, high ductility, superior bend-ability, weld-ability and straightness for better fabrication With lower sectional weight and higher strength technique, these products are highly cost-effective and save steel.

Advantage of Kamdhenu Structural Products High Strength and High Ductility This combination results in adding safety of structure.

Superior Bendability, Weldability and Straightness The superior bendability, Weldability & Straightness of Kamdhenu structural product compared to others, the Kamdhenu structural product easy to fabricate with.
Economic in Application Steel Saving due to lower sectional weight and higher strength technique, Adopted by Kamdhenu Engineers.